All Ford vehicles to feature EcoBoost technology

The Detroit News reported yesterday that Ford’s future product plans include new vehicle types as part of Ford’s global product development program and in addition to new vehicles, all vehicle lineups with feature EcoBoost technology in the not-so-distant future. Their plans are to offer a broader selection of vehicles in their subcompact (Fiesta), compact (Focus) and mid-sized (Fusion) car segments, with as many as TEN body styles in the global product offering on those platforms.

More importantly, Jim Farley, Ford global head of sales, marketing and service added that there will be an EcoBoost premium engine option across all lineups. The EcoBoost offers superior power and economy compared to similarly sized engines and these turbocharged mills have been offered as both economy engines in vehicles like the Ford Flex and 2011 Explorer and high performance engines in vehicles like the Taurus SHO and the upcoming 2012 Focus ST. The EcoBoost will further show its versatility when it becomes available in the Ford F150 later this year – showing that it can be worked to be a major player in the pickup truck segment.

It is no surprise to hear that Ford plans to offer an EcoBoost option in vehicles like the Fiesta, Focus and even the minivans but should Ford truly put it in EVERY vehicle lineup that means that the mighty Mustang could eventually see a factory EcoBoosted option. I don’t imagine that Ford would go with a 4-cylinder EcoBoost in the Mustang but the 365hp EcoBoost V6 from the Taurus SHO would nestle nicely between the 305hp base model V6 and the 412hp Mustang GT.

Also, if I can dream for a second…what about an EcoBoosted GT500? There have long been rumors of a twin turbocharged 5.0L V8 being developed, although Ford has denied such a build program. Could Ford throw a pair of turbos on the new 5.0 and pack it into the next GT500, labeling the engine as the first EcoBoost V8? Considering that the 5.0 makes 440hp in the 2012 Boss 302 without forced induction and the Ford Racing supercharger package offers 624hp in street-friendly form, a twin turbocharged 5.0 EcoBoost could put the next GT500 in the range of 580-600hp – giving the car a healthy upgrade from the current supercharger 5.4L models but also leaving room between the GT500 and the Ford Racing-supercharged Mustang GTs.

As we near the end of the 2010 calendar year we can expect a ton of information to drop about the 2011 models, especially with events like the LA Auto Show and the 2010 SEMA Show coming up. Then again, what grander stage could there be for the first EcoBoosted V8 GT500 at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next January? Keep in mind that Chevrolet is rumored to have the supercharged Camaro Z28 and whether it has the LSA engine from the Cadillac CTS-V with 556hp or the LS9 engine from the Corvette ZR1 with 638hp, Chevy would be able to lay claim to having the most powerful pony car in the industry. A twin-turbocharged 2012 or 2013 GT500 would likely help Ford prevent Chevy from being able to make that claim for very long.

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