Ford creates cool 'stealth' version of Police Interceptor

Nov 01, 2010 -* USA Today

Ford came up with an interesting idea for its new police car — create a hot undercover “stealth” version. It’s just a concept, but it’s easy to imagine how much detectives would want this as their stake-out car.

Actually, it would look great but be fairly ineffective. The bad guys would be so intent on checking out that sinister, sleek car down the street that its cover would be blown instantly. Better to stick with the unmarked old Crown Vics with the cheap, tiny hubcaps.

The Police Interceptor is a custom version of the Ford Taurus meant as a marked patrol car.

The new stealth version was created specifically for the SEMA aftermarket parts show starting Tuesday in Las Vegas, and Drive On will be on hand.

“This car offered the perfect canvas for me as a designer,” Ford designer Melvin Betancourt said. “The Police Interceptor sedan is already a unique vehicle. I just started looking at ways to give it that mysterious but high-tech look.”

He lowered the body by an inch, added 22-inch wheels and went with glossy black.

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