Social Media Marketing and the Ford Motor Company

November 10, 2010 | Debbie Turner

More and more businesses are recognizing the use of social media to boost sales these days and the giant motor manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, is no exception. It uses social media techniques to both sell and launch cars, one example being when the Ford Fiesta was launched in the U.S.

Now there’s a really interesting video about exactly how Ford uses social media available through an article by Michael Steizner over on In the video Steizner interviews Ford’s head of social media, Scott Monty, to gain a useful insight into using social media for pre-launches. For the Ford Fiesta launch in the U.S. for example, the pre-launch social media campaign led to ten times the amount of reservations converted into orders than with the more traditional launch.

There are also insights into how Ford uses Facebook. For instance this year the Ford Explorer was launched on Facebook instead of at a motor show and apparently this campaign had more of an impact than even a Super Bowl commercial. Social media has also been used at Ford for integrated marketing communications.

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