2012 Ford Focus Gets Tattoos – as an Option

DEARBORN, Michigan — Ford is going for the style-conscious Millennial demographic in rolling out optional vinyl “tattoo” design wraps for the 2012 Focus, which goes on sale in the first quarter of 2011. More than 200 choices are available to wrap the new car, with prices starting at $120.

Ford cites a Pew research study showing that almost 40 percent of Millennials — who are currently aged 18-28 — have at least one tattoo.

Although Ford isn’t yet offering the option of custom design orders, the automaker has already rolled out a custom graphics option for the Explorer, F-150, Fiesta and Mustang. They’re the work of Original Wraps Inc., and made out of Scotchprint Personalized Vehicle Graphic Film, a 3M product. A wrap is applied to the car with a clear protective layer over it. Orders are placed and graphics installed through Ford dealerships.

The vinyl won’t hurt factory paint, can be removed at any time and is expected to last 3-5 years. Hand washing is recommended for a Focus with graphics applied, though.

Currently available car art can be viewed at Ford’s Graphics Web site. Graphics for the 2012 Ford Focus will be posted online in mid-January, the automaker says.

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