Ford Motor Company Making Driving Easier By Making SYNC Car TDI-Compatible

Ford is making your drive a little easier.
Recently, Ford has released an app that will be compatible with Sync-equipped automobiles that allows you to get information that could help you avoid those traffic jams you can’t stand. It’s basically the Travel Destination and Information (TDI) that these sync-equipped cars already have but now you have it in a mobile device.
TDI is great because it includes traffic problems, the time of arrival, and step by step directions. The best thing about thing about this app is that unlike a Garmin or a TomTom, it’s free. For the first three years, drivers can have all these great tools without paying a dime. This service is also probably better than the actual car service because it will show real-time traffic and also directions for up to 25 different destinations you store at once. This app doesn’t just serve one purpose; it also allows you to send those directions you found on your phone to your vehicle without even being around it.
The TDI Mobile Application came just at the right time after Google made something for sync-equipped vehicles, but then removed it out of nowhere. Last July, Google made a “Send to car” button on Google Maps which allowed drivers with these sync-equipped cars to send whatever directions they found on the computer to be sent to their car. However, they took that feature away and it can only be accessed now from the internet browser which takes away all possibility of spontaneity. Now, the only way to use their feature is if lots of planning is put forth from your computer.
So now Ford’s app allows that “get up and go” trip to still have all the info and directions you need to get to where you need to be stress-free and on time. The neatest part about the technology of this app is the information provided by INRIX which provides estimates on how your travel time is going to differ depending on your departure time. For a person always on the go that has sync capabilities, this is definitely an app that makes life a little simpler. For those that do not have sync capabilities, GPS Navigation Systems might be the way to go.

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