Ford Explorer 2011 catches eyes of auto industry watchers

Ford Motor Company said that the Ford Explorer 2011 caught the eyes of several watchers in the auto industry as the new revamped vehicle won the Truck of the Year in Detroit Auto Show.
Over few years ago, the company earned power in the car industry. The sales of Ford are strong and the automaker is positive and it expects that positive results will show in its latest vehicles. The revamped Ford Explorer seats up to seven individuals and gets nearly 20 miles to the gallon.
In addition, Moray Callum, the designer of Ford vehicle, stated that the interior of Ford Explorer is different from its earlier versions of SUV. Callum also stated that it had much greater feature than in preceding Ford Explorers.
Callum added that this vehicle has great finish and fit and has great craftsmanship. Moreover, the Ford Explorer, which begins at about $28,000, has softer outer look. However, Callum also added that consumers are set for more rugged style of SUVs nowadays. They also think that these consumers want a robust SUV that seems competent, is competent.
Furthermore, he said that they actually tried to recreate not only with the Ford Explorer, but the SUV with this sedan. Ford Motor is also trying to recreate how they think about mini-vans with the 2012 Ford C-Max.
On the other hand, Wendy King, the brand manager of C-Max, stated that they observe that North American was beginning a new life phase, active, young and busy lifestyle that is why they want to produce them multi-activity mini-vans. King said that the compact vehicle that can carry five passengers has been available abroad since 2003 and now gets an attempt at the market of America this fall.

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