Post-Modern Lincoln Town Car Debuts in Guise of MKT

Just the Facts:
• Chauffeur-dedicated Lincoln MKT Town Car models debuted on Monday at the 2011 International Limousine, Charter and Tour show in Las Vegas.
• The MKT Town Car will be available in two versions — Livery and Limousine.
• Full technical details will be announced later this year, but Lincoln said special attention was paid to room in the rear seat.
LAS VEGAS — The old Lincoln Town Car sedan, a mainstay at airports and hotels for decades, has been resurrected in the form of the new Lincoln MKT Town Car. The post-modern version of the Town Car, reborn as a luxury crossover, debuted on Monday at the 2011 International Limousine, Charter and Tour show in Las Vegas.
Perhaps the greatest innovation in the new version of the Town Car is a simple switch on the rear passenger side door that lets a rear-seat passenger control the front passenger seat. It’s all about the rear-seat legroom with the MKT Town Car.
Lincoln was not able to provide full technical details on the MKT Town Car at this point, but it said that the vehicle will be available in two editions — a Livery version with optional all-wheel drive and a Limousine version with standard all-wheel drive. No word yet on whether an armored version is in the works.
In a statement, Lincoln said the MKT Town Car will feature a higher-quality interior and more cargo capacity than the old version. Amenities include a USB charging port, a 110-volt power socket in the rear seat center console and Wi-Fi hotspot capability. Thankfully, the audio system controls are also “fully accessible” to rear-seat passengers.
Current Town Car sedan production ends this fall, said Lincoln in a statement.
“The outgoing Town Car is available for fleet customers (and individual customer factory orders only) through model year 2011,” said Christian Bokich, Lincoln spokesman, in response to an e-mailed query from Inside Line on Tuesday.
The venerable Town Car sedan was introduced as a separate Lincoln model in 1981. That early version was built on a 117.3-inch wheelbase and powered by a 5.0-liter V8.
Expect to see the new versions early next year.
Inside Line says: Your new and improved Town Car will be waiting at the curb before you know it. — Anita Lienert, Correspondent

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