2011 Ford Explorer Includes New Safety Innovations

The 2011 Ford Explorer is continuing the Ford Motor Companies move out of the dark days that it has been experiencing in the past few years. The new models of the Fusion and the Taurus had led a turnaround in the company’s fortunes and now it is the turn of the 2011 Ford Explorer to do the same in the SUV market.
The 2011 Ford Explorer has been critized for the very high step into the car as well as the rather cramped second row of seats but in other important areas it has gained high prise indeed.
Safety is a very important feature in the SUV market and the 2011 Ford Explorer has won high praise in this area. The car is yet to be tested by the federal government but a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given the car its Top Safety Pick award. The 2011 ford Explorer has as standard features, airbags inside the front seats as well as what are called curtain airbags all around, both of which significantly contribute to safety of passengers in an accident.
Another innovation that could prove to be a selling point to SUV customers looking for something new is the introduction of inflatable seats belts, an industry first. These new seat belts are designed to control and restrict the movement of the head and neck, two of the most vulnerable areas of the body in a crash, as well as taking the pressure off the chest. These new seat belts are designed to reduce injury, especially to smaller passengers that can suffer injury from the seatbelt in the traditional system.
Just a few of the many reasons to buy a new 2011 Ford Explorer.

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