June 2011 Sales Up for Ford and Lincoln Compared to May 2011 and June 2010

By Jason Udy Ford Motor Company saw a 14 percent growth during June compared to the previous year. Ford/Lincoln sales totaled 194,114 vehicles. Good news indeed for the U.S.’s number two automaker whose sales were flat in May. Ford – Up 20 Percent Ford SUV sales are up 25 percent overall (280,875 total sales) for the first half of 2011 compared to the first half of last year. Sales for the new unibody Explorer were up 56 percent compared to last year’s body-on-frame SUV with a total of 10,422 sold. More importantly, retail sales of the Explorer are up a whopping 259 percent. So far year-to-date 2011 Explorer sales (65,823 units) have surpassed all of 2010 Explorer sales (60,687). Ford credits the Explorer’s 25 mpg highway fuel economy as a factor for the increased sales. Surprisingly, the compact (and dated) Escape continues to see sales increases – up 43 percent compared to June last year. June 2011 sales of the Escape totaled 22,274 for a total of 122,607 Escapes sales year-to-date an increase of 24 percent versus the first half of 2010. Edge sales were up 18 percent as well with 9,663 units moved.

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