2012 Ford Explorer EcoBoost Top in its Class

Steve Oak

The newest iteration of the Ford Explorer has been selling like crazy ever since it was first introduced, despite the fact that it was only offered with single engine option. However, Ford had assured us every step of the way that there would eventually be an EcoBoost 4 cylinder model on the horizon in 2012, for which the official fuel economy figures and numbers have just been made available.

The new 2012 Ford Explorer when adorned with the new engine will boast a truly impressive 20 miles per gallon for city driving and around 28 when on highways and open roads. Such figures take the Explorer straight to the very top end of the most efficient models in its class, with the 28 mpg highway figure clinching the top spot. What makes the figures even more impressive however is the fact that Ford have somehow managed to reach such impressive fuel economy without compromising power – the 2012 Explorer packs 240 horsepower and 270lb-ft torque.

Sadly, like most things in life, the EcoBoost Explorer does come with it own sacrifices. Firstly, there is the fact that the new system will be front wheel drive only and use automatic transmission, perhaps reducing capability and versatility somewhat. Also, even though the torque and power have been maintained, towing capacity has fallen significantly.

Pricing is expected to be similar to that of the present model with an additional $995 for the EcoBoost option, with all new models expected to find their way to dealerships before the end of August.

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