2011 Automotive News Suppliers’ Choice Award

Ford Motor Company was named Monday as a winner of the 2011 Automotive News Suppliers’ Choice Award. Announced at the annual conference of the Center for Automotive Research in Traverse City, Michigan on August 1, 2011, the award recognizes superior work in bringing innovations to market.

J.D. Power and Associates conducts a detailed survey of suppliers for Automotive News every two years that ranks North American automakers on their ability to support, foster and commercialize the innovations of the suppliers. Winners are chosen from this survey that included responses from CEOs, presidents and executives of suppliers. The survey represents every area of vehicle engineering, manufacturing and design of 12 automakers that manufacture vehicles in North America

“Smart technologies are a distinguishing feature of Ford vehicles and we are collaborating more closely than ever with our suppliers to put these in customers’ hands,” said Tony Brown, group vice president, Ford Global Purchasing. “It is gratifying to see that our efforts are paying off, because they represent a win for both Ford and our suppliers. Suppliers are a tremendous source of the new ideas that bring added benefits to our customers,” Brown added. “Using ABF, we will continue to improve on our relationships and become the customer of choice for innovations that benefit all of us.”

A significant improvement from the 2009 study, Ford’s performance in 2011 is one more example of Ford’s continuing work to improve supplier relations. The principles of its Aligned Business Framework (ABF) are used by Ford to guide its working with suppliers. ABF promotes early sharing of product plans and new technologies between Ford and its key suppliers.

The Automotive News survey, evaluates automakers on five factors: openness to new ideas; ease of working with the automaker on innovative ideas; level of trust; willingness to provide financial incentives or rewards for supplier innovation; and ability to implement innovations.


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