Ford succeeding at luring V-8 pickup buyers into V-6s

By Chris Woodyard

You wouldn’t think it would be so easy to pry diehard pickup truck buyers away from the V-8s, but Ford has managed to do it with its turbocharged V-6 engine.

It was a huge gamble. Ford’s F-Series has been the nation’s best-selling vehicle for decades. Sticking a turbocharged EcoBoost under the hood risked calls of heresy.

But the results are too significant to deny. Says Automotive News in a story about the phenomenon today:

For the past four months, combined sales of the 3.5-liter direct-injected turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 and the F-150’s base engine, the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V-6, consistently have topped sales of the two V-8 engines offered in the F-150. The V-6s consistently account for at least 55 percent of the sales mix, and the EcoBoost has the lion’s share of the V-6 sales.

Who would have thought? The gas mileage difference really isn’t all that great. The EcoBoost is rated at 16 miles per gallon in the city/22 mpg on the highway. The V-8 goes off at 15 mpg in the city, 21 on the highway. But the EcoBoost V-6 has five more horsepower for a total of 365, making it a better trailer hauler.

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