Ford F-150 mileage challenge to include Louisville

Louisville is one of eight U.S. cities participating in a challenge to get the best fuel mileage out of an F-150 pickup truck produced by Ford Motor Co. According to a news release, Jason Falls, president of Social Media Explorer LLC, will be the driver representing Louisville in the weeklong Ford EcoBoost Challenge, which begins Aug. 22. The contest combines the gas-mileage challenge with completing a local community service project on Aug. 27. In a phone interview, Falls said he hasn’t settled on a community project yet. He has until Monday to decide, and he’ll take suggestions on his Social Media Explorer blog. Participants will drive an F-150 for their normal daily routines, Falls said, with a monitor on the engine recording daily gas mileage. The winning driver will be determined through a blended score that measures the highest fuel economy, the most votes on the Ford Facebook page and how many volunteers participate in the community project. The prize for the driver is a year’s supply of Shell gasoline. Plus, Shell will provide free regular-grade gasoline — as much as 15 gallons per vehicle — at two local gas stations in the winner’s city on Sept. 2. The gas giveaway will last for two hours and 22 minutes — noting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rating of 22 miles per gallon the F-150 EcoBoost engine typically gets on the highway. “I think it’s a neat way for Ford to contribute to the community and remind people that if you need a big powerful truck, there are environmentally friendly options out there,” Falls said. Falls will compete against drivers in Pittsburgh; Houston; San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; Denver; Kansas City, Mo.; and Raleigh, N.C.

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