Ford to introduce door edge protector on 2012 Focus

Ford motor will introduce a new feature designed to prevent dents and scratches on the vehicle, which the company claims that have become a costly fact of life.

The new feature called Door Edge Protector – designed by Ford engineers in Cologne, Germany, will be equipped on the Ford Focus which will be debuted in January 2012.

The company said that the new system works automatically when the door is opened, a protective flap concealed in the door moves into position as the door opens providing a buffer that prevents damage to paint and body work.

According to the research done by the company, 72% of car-owning households across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK have damage to their vehicle doors and the cost to repair a dented car door can easily reach EUR300.

The new Door Edge Protector extends into its protective position at a door opening gap of less than 150mm and it defends against more than 90% of variously positioned obstructions to the front doors and 85% at the rear doors.

The new system retracts in just 60 milliseconds to allow for doors being slammed shut and includes a clutch mechanism that prevents damage if the flap is obstructed when returning.

A special rubber compound is used that can withstand thousands of usage cycles and creates a minimum of noise as it springs into position.





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