Lincoln MKZ Caught During Testing [Spy Shots]

By Mike David

While the MKZ model has been on the market since 2005 seeing some decent success, Ford is desperate to transform Lincoln into the great American luxury brand it once was.
The last rumors said that Lincoln was delaying the introduction of its redesigned MKZ sedan from an original launch in early 2012 to sometime closer to the end of next year. Well, the KGP Photography’s spy photographers were able to caught a camo-clad MKZ running undergoing testing and we can show you the result of their work.
Unfortunately, the dense camouflage is a big obstacle, but we know Lincoln plans to make its products markedly different from its Ford cousins includin unique instrument panel, switch gear, headlamps and sheetmetal.
According to some early reports, Lincoln will step to the luxury plate with new powertrains that provide power while also returning improved fuel economy. This platorm that will also underpin the next Ford Fusion and its European counterpart, the Mondeo. The same report indicates that the new model will continue to use a front-wheel-drive platform, and likely will again offer optional all wheel drive, but this remains to be seen. In addition, a hybrid version will be offered to supplement a range of V-6 and turbocharged four-cylinder engines.
Expect production-version Mk2 of the MKZ to debut later in 2012 at one of the spring shows in Chicago or New York, or possibly at November’s L.A. extravaganza.

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