Ford, Chrysler make ‘2012 Automobile Magazine All-Stars’ list



Michael Wayland

General Motors Co. may be the largest of Detroit’s Big Three, but it is the only one to not be represented on Automobile Magazine’s ‘2012 All-Stars’ list.


The magazine, which ranked the 2012 Audi 7 the best vehicle of next year, feature vehicles from

Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Group LLC on the top 10 list, but left GM in the dark.


Ford drove onto the list with its compact Focus, which was awarded car of the year by the magazine in 2000, and the

highly-acclaimed Mustang Boss 302, which the magazine dubbed “the best Mustang ever.”

January 2012 issue, Automobile Mag: “The Boss 302 is the best Mustang ever, but that’s merely a footnote to the real story. The big news is that Ford’s newest bad boy not only puts an epic whupping on its traditional rivals — we’re talking to you, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger — but also stands tall against perennial bullies like the BMW M3.”


Chrysler made the list with its Dodge Charger, “a big car for big people who like big power.”


“Chargers are all over the place. We’re used to them,”

reads the article. “But every now and then — like now — we need to take a step back and celebrate the fact that Dodge still makes a car like this. Because nobody else does.”


Any current model year vehicle on sale in the U.S. — existing or all-new model — was eligible to be selected to the “prestigious list,” according to the magazine.


Other vehicles rounding out the list range from minivans to luxurious sports cars: Audi TT RS, BMW 3-Series, Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider, Honda Odyssey, Range Rover Evoque, Porsche Boxster and Cayma, and Volkswagen GTI and Golf TDI.


GM, Ford and Chrysler were all featured on the magazine’s

2011 life of “All-Stars.”


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