IntelliChoice Honors Ford and Audi As 2011 Technology Leaders

Audi and Ford Lead the Premium and Popular Categories, Respectively

Campbell, Calif. (December 21, 2011) – IntelliChoice, the market leader in automotive ownership cost and practical car purchasing advice, today announced the results of the 2011 IntelliChoice Technology Review.

In fulfillment of its mission to apprise consumers of important factors that influence car buying decisions, including long-term cost of ownership, IntelliChoice recently performed a comparative study of all major automotive manufacturers and evaluated the technology features and options by each. The study included three primary types of onboard technology: navigation, telematics/communications, and infotainment.

For this analysis, all automotive nameplates were first divided between “Premium” luxury brands and “Popular” mainstream brands. From each group, IntelliChoice editors chose a “Best in Class” brand representing clear leadership in commitment to cutting-edge automotive technology designed to enhance consumer’s driving experience. The editors also chose three brands from each grouping also worthy of mention (in no particular order).

The IntelliChoice selections for 2011 technology leaders are: * Best in Class, Premium Brand: Audi * Honorable Mention, Premium Brand: Lincoln, Porsche, and Jaguar * Best in Class, Popular Brand: Ford * Honorable Mention, Popular Brand: Hyundai, Chevrolet, Chrysler

“Onboard technology is increasingly becoming an important consideration for new car buyers, both in terms of features but also usability,” said Vice President and General Manager, Tyler Schulze. “As a trusted resource for practical car purchasing advice and analysis, IntelliChoice felt it was important to highlight for consumers those manufacturers that exemplify a focus on compelling and user friendly automotive technology. Congratulations to Audi and Ford for being selected as ‘Best in Class’ in our 2011 Technology Review.”

Data for this study was gathered from both manufacturer marketing materials and third-party industry sources. IntelliChoice staff evaluated each brand based on the features available across all technology option packages and analyzed the degree to which new and unique technology are available across a significant number of models. IntelliChoice also considered manufacturer announcements of new technology to be released in upcoming 2012 models.

Details of the study can be found at Intellichoice 2011

“The category of onboard electronics has now become one of the major purchase considerations for new vehicles alongside drivetrain and trim level” said Kris De La Cuesta, Director of Information Products at IntelliChoice. “Ultimately, the degree to which consumers embrace each manufacturer’s technology offerings will have an impact on residual values and thus long-term cost of ownership. We recommend that buyers take the time to evaluate technology offerings by ‘test driving’ them before any new vehicle purchase.”

About IntelliChoice IntelliChoice Intellichoice, part of the Motor Trend Auto Group, is the market leader in automotive ownership cost and car values analysis. Founded in 1986, IntelliChoice is committed to empowering consumers to make better purchase decisions by providing independent and essential automotive information and tools. Through the Intellichoice web site consumers can research, compare, configure and price new cars. The site also connects buyers to affiliated dealers nationwide through the IntelliChoice Auto Buying Program. Motor Trend Auto Group is an operating division of Source Interlink Media Source Interlink, a recognized provider of targeted media and marketing services and one of the largest publishers of magazines and digital content for enthusiast audiences.

About Source Interlink Media Source Interlink Media<Scource Interlink Media> is the premier source of special interest media in the United States. With more than 70 publications, 90 websites, 800 branded products, 65+ events, and TV and radio programs, SIM is the largest provider of content to enthusiast communities interested in automotive, action sports, marine and other niche activities. The division’s strategy is to wholly focus on targeted audiences by leveraging and expanding upon its core market-leading brands through a multiplatform media approach.

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